Weekly Photo Challenge (Opposites): Of High and Low

Masjid Haram: The Most Beautiful Place I’ve Ever Seen

Bismillahi rahmanirrahim ( In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful).

This is Masjid Haram, located in Makkah, Saudi Arabia, 16 hours ride by bus from Riyadh, where I started my spiritual journey and it has changed my perspective about Islam and the beauty of peace.


For more 10 years and on-going prime of my life, I always enjoy places and appreciate them. I love sightseeing and roaming around cities looking for unique taste of delicacies and people’s food. I enjoyed those days and even now. At 31, I realized there is something bigger about finding what’s best for me. I have quiet enjoyed life but never spiritually. I was lost for more than 10 years looking what’s best for me in pursuing happiness over career, peace over trouble and stress, humility over pride. All of them are in chaotic disorder. I searched high and low for my soul until I found my deep sleeping soul in the midst of the desert.


Until an opportunity to work in Saudi Arabia opens the vast range of what will happen to the next chapter of my life. I accepted the offer. First, I was pursuing happiness but I don’t know what it is. I am happy but empty inside. I need to escape because I don’t know what I am escaping about and thinking that Saudi Arabia may help me. It sounds weird but it seems that this country is calling me in my dreams. I accepted the offer to work in Saudi despite the goose bumping and nerve wracking ideas what lies in me here in the desert because my heart says so and brain agrees.

My colleague who invited to perform Umrah during our one week vacation looks at Kaaba.

I met new friends. Until they invited me for Umrah (short spiritual journey). Utterances and conversation continue as I shake myself of what karma awaits for me after performing this Umrah. I was scared and couldn’t sleep as there would be consequences once soul is cleansed from those previous sins. Only God knows if forgiveness and some unforeseeable supplications are granted.


Tawaf starts. Muslims circumambulating the Kaaba .

Here I was  at Masjid Haram. When I saw it, I was mesmerized at first. Then, I was speechless and I prayed and tears fell out of nowhere, maybe of mixed emotions or was thinking of all the bad things that I had done in my life and was asking forgiveness, and then my heart felt at peace and I was calm. I felt that  I was welcomed and I looked up the sky and then I said, “thank you.”

I smiled then, and I started my tawaf (circumambulating).


My friends and I circumambulate the Kaaba seven times. Every time we came close to the Hajrul Aswad (the Black Stone) we raised our hand and said “Allahu Akbar” (Allah is Great). Then, we said our duas,  supplicate, recite the Qur-an, and prayed.

Kaaba’s door.

No, not yet, and I don’t know when will I pay those bad karmas. I don’t know. But I’m ready to accept the consequences. I should be.

In this regards, I’m also hoping that you may you find peace and harmony as you  continue to search for your inner self in accordance to your religion and guidance to the One (SWT).

May you find serenity in your future travels.





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    Hi mam Ambor. I am touch with what you are confessing that you have finally found your inner self and that is through God – Allah. I wish you luck in your continued journey. May you be guided by Him and that others would look on you as a good example of a true transformation. So long mam.

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    1. Helllo mam Judy. Thanks for checking this article. May we all find our inner peace. Thanks again. Hope to see you again.


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