Chef, I have a dream.

When I was young, I loved to eat and I couldn’t stop eating whatever was in the table. I always savor it’s saltiness, spiciness, bitterness, sourness, and sweetness. I savored it with contentment. Every time my mom or my siblings saw me sitting on the table, they knew right away what would I do and they started teasing or laughing at me. “She’s gonna eat again. Oh, you’re going to eat again? She’s cooking / baking. Good luck to those who’ll eat them.” Those were some of the teasing conversations of my siblings and my mom would chuckle once around. Pissed sometimes, but that’s okay. Carry on. I know they love what they’re seeing.

Fruit Cake 2
One of the expensive cakes we baked. It’s fruit cake. Great look!

When I was working night shift in Cebu as a Project Manager, in a market research I had the chance to study at day. Yes! Right. I was able to finish my Master of Arts in Literature. And, I got only a year remaining to finish my Doctor of Arts in Literature. Great opportunity, I know. I took the risk, working at night and studying from Monday to Saturday. Lack of sleep? I had lot of time closing my eyes in one-hour ride jeepney while hugging my bag tightly, resting my head once the teacher was out in the classroom, and more time to sleep, real and deep sleep in the library. Yes! I survived somehow because Chef, once upon a time, when I was young, I dreamt of becoming a pastry chef. And I am heading on the right track. Not yet there, I know but sooner or later, I’ll be on my destination. 

The Baker and the others. She’s stirring the sauce for Pizza Supreme.

So, while studying my doctorate at that time every weekend, I found myself having extra time on weekdays to do something I love and I searched online and asked friends where  I could study baking, that was I  was thinking of. So, a friend of mine, Sheryl Estorpe, told me that there was one in Mandaue, near LTO, where you only pay Php 500 and you’d get two t-shirts uniform. It is also a TESDA accredited. So, I went there and tadaaa! I was baking and designing!


Icing Design 2Icing Design

Icing design

Here are the photos of my baking.

Cupcake11Pichi PichiLami

Choco 2Choco Moist Cakebase

Choco girls
Choco Crinkles and the Bakers: I slept on the white chair while waiting for this.

And after the three months program, here I was wearing my torque and my white uniform! Tadaa! I survived somehow!

Chef Lai2
Chef Lane is getting ready to march!
The smile is over my ears!

So, I thought, dreams do come true. What’s your dream?


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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! Ah, so jealous of your journeys. Can’t wait to follow along.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Helllo TheFirst365Days! MashaAllah! (We say this when someone appreciates something). Thank you so much for appreciating my blog. Still continuing to write something interesting. I am following your blog and hope to share interesting stuffs. 🙂 Cheers!

      Liked by 1 person

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