Hot Outside, Cool Inside

Saudi Arabia is known for being a desert and hot place. But if you’ve been to Jabal Nur in Mecca, it may be hot outside, but you’ll feel cool and calm inside once you see the peace that this rocky mountain brings you.

Going up. Yes, there. Need more than 2 hours for women to climb that up and another 2 to go down. 
I’m not yet on my half way. Some were resting. Tired, thirsty plus the heat of penetrates deeply in your entire body.

This is the mountain that the first surah (chapter) of Qur-an was revealed to Mohammad (SAW). I read the surah Iqra while imagining what had happened many years ago before the rise of Islam and when this blazing poetry comes down as one of the miracles of the Unseen.

There’s life here on my way to the top.
There! Almost there!
I’m here! Survived!
Some men wanted to check the top of this which kinda dangerous. Did not attempt to do it. hahah! I was there for meditation not to die.
Muslims in silent prayer.
This is Hira Cave in Jabal Nur where the first chapter of Qur-an was revealed verbally by Allah to Mohammad (SAW) through angel Jibril (Gabriel).


Lastly, you can’t stop by if not seeing the breathtaking view around the mountain.

Do you feel the tranquility released? Hot or cool?


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