There is life at night, too.

I was shocked seeing this two nights ago. I did not know that there is life at night in Abha, Saudi Arabia. Yes, Saudi Arabia, a conservative and strict country when in comes to dress coding, fashion and particularly about religion’s point of view. I was shocked. That night, I saw life. I saw a different groovy kind of life Arabs and I found it very fun and exciting. And my neck couldn’t stop dancing and my hips wanted to join but it might be obvious to dance in public. I couldn’t stop to groove!

ni.jpgBut I just smiled as I heard the loud Arabian music. I remembered when I was belly dancing in Philippines. Yup, I do belly dancing in forms of daily exercises. I went to Cebu Gym in Abellana, Osmena Blvd., near my school at Cebu Normal University when I was studying my Doctor of Arts in Literature and Communication. I just couldn’t stop smiling when I heard this same sound I usually dance at the gym.


I was just amazed and continuing learning something about Arab culture. Sad to say, it was 10:30 PM and my sister and the rest of the gang wanted to go home as they have curfews too and our driver had work at 11 PM at that time. Yup, we just missed the fireworks and maybe a fire dance, I guess? Just guessing. Shocks! Just missed that and I don’t know when will I see that once in a blue moon activity and visit in Abha, Saudi. Great experience though.


Here’s the reason why my neck and my hips got excited.




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