A Date with a Muslim 

Her name is Nyra. I like going out with her because she listens. And of course, more importantly, she likes to eat. She likes to explore different kinds of food too. Well, we went to Batha, Riyadh yesterday to eat and found ourselves eating simply noodles. Yes, my favorite. I like mami and I think she likes it too.


When we go out and eat, she loves to talk different things. I love to talk crazy things and dream. She does, too. Well, titter-tattering makes mouth and jaw exercise after a long day of teaching. Eating and having convo with a friend is much better than staying at home and looking the four side of the room’s corner.

Buko Pandan ni Nyra at Pinoy Restaurant, Batha. She told me that this is the reason why she likes to come at this resto.

“It seemed Thursday, and in fact it was only Sunday, our first day of our class.”  I laughed and I answered my own question. “Well, eating out is everywhere and no need to schedule when is when.” And then another topic goes on and on. Then, we laughed even more for that, it was just Sunday. Crazy Sunday just like being silly waiting for Thursday for day off.


What is your crazy first day of work story?

I just murdered the bread and eat it like it is my first time to see a bread and dip it on my noodles. Crazy me and crazy way of eating it is a good way to start the first day of work.




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