Chef P’s Secret Weapon to His Love

Tomato sauce for his pasta

Food. Cooked with love. This is a man’s secret weapon to his love. It is rare to meet a man who does his own cooking even after his tiring and demanding 12-hour-work everyday. This kind of man is what I called persistent in pursuing living a better life. A lucky woman indeed, whoever you are.

Gnocchi. Chef P likes singing gnocchi, gnocchi, gnocchi.

 He can grab the woman he likes because he has the greatest weapon he possesses straight towards woman’s mouth is surely her heart. He is like a walking Cupid where he shoots women he pursues. And these women fall into their knees because of his great art of how he pursues nymphs. Don’t be afraid of him. He is also a human being capable of hurting and looking for real love. When he loves, there, he shows his art of cooking. Let’s call him Chef P. 

According to his “biographer”,  he likes meat and tomato.

Chef P is the greatest man I ever encountered in my life. He is consistent. In my point of view, any woman whom he wants to fall will surely take off their underwear. That’s in my mind. My point of view, a woman’s opinion. Yes. Why? Aside from his secret weapon, he has a sexy accent. Women like sexy accent. For me, I like sexy and heavy accent. Grrrrr… My underwear is loosened now. 

Artichoke and beans

Next to his accent is his sense of humor. Hard to find man. Right? Right. When a man shows sense of humor, it displays that he is ubiquitous and can easily get along because he uses his intellectual capacity to understand individuals. That is Chef P, the man that I desire.

Cooking with art is a modern and another way of serenading women which reminds me of an exchange love letters between a shepherd and a nymph by Marlowe’s The Passionate Shepherd to His Love and Raleigh’s The Nymph’s Reply to the Shepherd.

Do you know a man who is like Chef P? Share up.



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