His Cook Vs. Mine: Who won?

Most of you here will agree on me that mother cooks the best. But most of you here too will raise their eyebrows, as you men,  as you read on this food battle article on who-win-who, you will agree on yourself that men are the best cook.

We’ll you don’t have any choice as the writer on this blog is a woman. Yes, woman.

But, listen to me, women. Today, I have to disagree with your side for the mean time as I am on the process of practicing myself to turn on the gas range, however, rest assured that I know how to cook but just I am too afraid of fire at first and second click with a gun lighter that it will not turn on.

The third shoot on the gun lighter at the gas stove makes the top of my lungs scream so I don’t cook if my friends or colleagues are not around. We’ll, I let them turn on the gas range for me.

So, even, I let my friends to fire on me the gas stove and cook, this man’s cooking (as shown on these photos)  is better than mine. I am laughing hard why am I comparing an Italian way of cooking to my Filipina way of cooking? Regardless of culture, it is on human being on how he presents his cooking with art.

Busy or not, it really depends on how does a person cooks. Will he cook merrily or just to cook so he will not get hungry. It depends on the intention of human’s craving on the day when hunger strikes.

Now, my question is…Do you know which of these pictures are works of a man and woman?

We’ll, women, forgive me for I have defeated you on this kind of battle. But my man is the greatest cook I have seen in my 32 years of existence and he owns those all artsy fancy way of good plating and table arrangement on these photos.

Those closer photos that seem yellowish are a woman’s masterpiece. My obra maetra. We’ll, it is yellowish because I put turmeric on my food. So, ladies, you can put me now in prison. I let a man win on a battle where woman should win.

I let him win and bribe me because he has won and knew my cravings. Oooops, and also he has also won my heart.


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