Daddy Long Legs

When I was young I love watching cartoons like fairy tales and slices about life. One of my favorite at that time when I was in my elementary or high school was Daddy Long Legs.

It was a story of an orphan young girl named Judy Abott who just finished her high school. Then, came Mr. John Smith, benefactor of Judy to enter college. Judy called her Daddy Long Legs because she had never met the man but only had seen the shadow of long legs. So, she called her Daddy Long Legs.

Daddy Long Legs supported Judy to finish her college as she had a potential to be a writer. Daddy Long Legs condition was to let Judy to continue sending letters to him on what happen to her daily life.

As years went by, Judy felt in love to a man whom she had never seen in her life.

At the end of the story, Judy Abott realized that Mr. Jervis Pendleton whom he had fallen and met while  still unaware that was her long time Daddy Long Legs.Why do you think people meet in some sort of unexplainable circumstances in times of lost, hurt, emptiness, and even in maturity? What do you call that?

It was August on a Friday night. It was so freshed in my mind and I felt his sincerity. I was at that time looking for my own happiness and he was looking for his happiness, too.

At first meeting, I thought he was playing around asking for some goofy good times. His second attempt was sincere. Third, we were adjusting. There were lots of adjustments.But as we went by,we became closer and closer like we had known for many years.  Still, we were adjusting.

Fate. Do you believe of Fate that controls what will happen to your life and meet special people? And with all the magic spells, it becomes your soulmate to lean on.How long Fate will hold this magic? How did I meet him was out of my control. I listened to his sentiments as he termed it. I was never looking for it. But I was longing for someone who would find me.Was he my Daddy Long Legs? Judy Abott waited for quite long times as she waited for her desired love.

Will Fate hold long? How long?

This is the most beautiful thing I ever had. Regardless of its longevity, he is my shoulder.

Regardless of what fate beings us, he is my walk.He is my half.No matter what brings us to future.

He is my Daddy-Long-Legs.


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