Dear Peggy

We’ve never met.

But if we do.

Please don’t bite me.

If you sniff on me,

My blood will rise.

If you caress me with your jaw,

My eyes dilate.

If you bark at me,

I may be terrified.

If you stare at me,

I may think that you are ready to eat me alive.

Dear Peggy, don’t get it wrong.

It is just me.Nothing’s wrong with you.

Just me. You see when I was young

A little puppy bit me on my ankle.

It was when I was a second year high.

When I was not afraid of you.
But now everything has changed

Because of that cute puppy who scared me 17 years ago.

My ankle healed but the pain is still here in my mind.

Dear Peggy, don’t bite me when we meet.


Cynophobic girl


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