La Paz Batchoy in Sulaimaniyah

When I saw La Paz in Sulaimaniyah, I was awed. Well, batchoy is a noodle soup that has pork organs, pork meat, beef or chicken stock on it. But the point is, it is pork. Batchoy is known in La Paz in Philippines that’s why it is much referred as La Paz Batchoy. But then again, the point is it is pork. Batchoy! And here it is standing in front of the kingdom.  When I told my cousin if we were going to eat in this Pinoy resto and said the food here is great. I was awed again. I believe my cousin is not as much as exposed as what should not be eaten while he was in Philippines. I may not be that as religious as other Muslims but I do practice not eating pork and other haram that I may know.

But because we are in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, I believe this is out of  the haram ingredients. So, we ordered, “baby back ribs”beef, pampahaba nang buhay (fried noodles),tinolang isda (fish soup) and bangsilog (milkfish, egg and rice).

So, we were happy chatting and hopefully we are “safe” with what we eat. All food we partook were blessing.

And paid more than 100 SAR and the food is good for 4 people, all love to eat, I mean “love to eat”.

Happy stomach!Or it should be better if batchoy should be changed to baka (beef). Like…La Paz Baka.


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