Aren’t they Pretty?

“Take a look at these flowers.

Aren’t they pretty?”

When my partner sent a picture of unbloomed, dark, and seemingly dying red flower, I thought he was joking or playing with me. Good thing, he lectured me that it was the start of a red rose blooming. So he told me, “ok, I will send you photos of the blooming of this flowers everyday so you will see.”

So, here it is.
Ugly on the first day. Unappreciated.

Well,  look at it. Seems so dark and alone.

On the 4th day, trying to cope up the possibility of being beautifully red.

There, it stands proud of its color.

The ugly dark red is gone.

Fully blown away!

Bellisima! Magnifico!

And there rejoice ’cause it rained.

Cheers from being unblooming to blossoming 

The happy red, red rose! 

My partner loves sending flowers and can’t stop to look at them. Here are the rest of them.


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