Chef P’s Arancini di Riso Dinner

My partner ate this yesterday after the five hours of gardening. He made a special arancini di riso. It is special because he is happy. When he is happy, he cooks and eats a lot. I like it when he is happy because it makes me smile and content to see him. 

While he was having his dinner, he couldn’t finish the three balls. I told him to eat it during his breakfast. He laughed hard on me because his breakfast is black coffee and a piece of bread only. Only. In my breakfast, I can eat this leftover risotto balls for breakfast, have my 3-in-1 coffee, and a bread. Sometimes, when I am not satisfied, I eat my breakfast with rice and fish and it makes my day beautiful and energetic. If I cannot have my rice early morning, my brain and energy will not function well. So my partner laughed at me and told me, no lunch for me. And we don’t eat lunch. We only have breakfast and dinner. And I was awed and shaking as if I am going to panic on my rice balls. He said you will get used to it and becomes a model. And I laughed hard with little tears on the side. We’ll let see if I will become a model then. So, risotto balls no more in breakfast and no lunch. Eh? What if my partner is not looking around? Hehehehe☺️


Alas! He finished the remaining three rice balls. No more for my breakfast balls for breakfast!


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