My Partner is a Great Gardener.

Few minutes earlier, I just woke up from my deep sleep. I sleep a lot this month because of Ramadhan and my clock has changed due to time of eating and of tarawih. When I woke up, I texted my partner. I texted him “Good morning.” even it is already 2:45 pm. I told him that it is kinda boring today. And we exchanged conversation. He told me in just click away: write your blog. And I laughed. And told myself that will make me busy and lively. So here I am writing about how great is my partner in gardening. But before I start, I am very lucky to have a partner who is very responsible and look at me not just a lover but a partner in craziness, of laughter, in bad times, and responsibility. But most importantly, we have shared great friendship. I was never afraid to show my real me to him. I hope he is not, too.

With much further ado, my partner is an awesome gardener. He likes to take care “my garden” as he says. He likes to cut the uneven leaves and made rectangular shape on it. Yesterday was his long hours of gardening, five hours and made him hungry and ate his risotto balls with all his heart.

When my partner works in the garden, I call it garden but he calls it jungle,but because I am the writer I will call it as garden😜 , he works with all his passion and love. Because of this, I am very much in love with him. He has given me a garden, a wonderful garden with colorful roses. I even told him that we plant rafano because I love rafano with chicken on it. What could a woman ask for?

His rake and spade


My husband’s feet😍

His way of gardening

Aligned trash bins


Front door


With relaxed Peggy


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