Lane Cruz and Her Journeys


Her real name is Lailanie but she preferred to be called as Lane Cruz. That’s her screen name when she was working in a market research company. Her blog is all about food, culture and the people. She previously worked in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as an English teacher and currently in Venice, Italy. She likes sightseeing and unplanned-things-to-do-in-life. She thinks that this blog will help her remember her journeys and to share to the world what her eyes are mesmerized about and how glad her heart is.

Scared that I might fall but tried to continue smiling kkkk!

As of now, she can’t publicly capture the beauty of Saudi Arabia in terms of its people and some other cultures that may include the physical appearance of its people, particularly the women and their children. It is “haram” (not allowed) for them and as a practicing Muslim I deeply respect that. For now, I do have their food. Super love capturing them. By they way, Arabs love sweets a lot.

She continues her journey in the land of grapes and wine, Italy.  She arrived in Italy on June 28, 2017 in searching for harmony and peace as she continues her journey hope she finds the man that she dreams to be with.

And now she has a book. And start writing more.



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