Chef P’s Secret Weapon to His Love

Food. Cooked with love. This is a man’s secret weapon to his love. It is rare to meet a man who does his own cooking even after his tiring and demanding 12-hour-work everyday. This kind of man is what I called persistent in pursuing living a better life. A lucky woman indeed, whoever you are….

My Top 10 Favorite Pasta at All Times

1. Acciughe Pasta 2. Chili and Garlic Pasta 3. Beef Linguine 4. Sardina Pasta 5. Chili Acciughe Carbonara 6. Capellunghe Pasta 7. Vongole Veraci Pasta 8. Shrimp Pasta 9. 10.

Baking for my Love

In my life, I bake to eat and enjoy coffee with a stupid box in front of me. But this time, baking is different. It is meaningful for me. I bake for my love. I bake so my love eats what I bake and he loves when I bake for him. I now find baking…

My Bucatini cooks well.

This is my first time to cook a bucatini in an Italian way. I was very happy because all the ingredients are simply beautiful. You just need two things: the bucatini and the base ( one clove of garlic, four pieces of acciughe, sliced tomato, Mutti’s tomato sauce, tasty olive oil and I preferred a…

My Partner’s Spaghetti

I am now in the most delicious spaghetti eating in the world: Venice. Incomparable. No words can ever compare.

Chef P’s Arancini di Riso Dinner

My partner ate this yesterday after the five hours of gardening. He made a special arancini di riso. It is special because he is happy. When he is happy, he cooks and eats a lot. I like it when he is happy because it makes me smile and content to see him.  While he was…

My Partner is a Great Gardener.

Few minutes earlier, I just woke up from my deep sleep. I sleep a lot this month because of Ramadhan and my clock has changed due to time of eating and of tarawih. When I woke up, I texted my partner. I texted him “Good morning.” even it is already 2:45 pm. I told him…

Aren’t they Pretty?

“Take a look at these flowers. Aren’t they pretty?” When my partner sent a picture of unbloomed, dark, and seemingly dying red flower, I thought he was joking or playing with me. Good thing, he lectured me that it was the start of a red rose blooming. So he told me, “ok, I will send…

Al Farooj

Well, no matter what part of Kingdom are you, broasted chicken is everywhere. Name can be Al-Fandi, Al-Farooj, Sally, but the point of all is they are all broasted. Well, some taste like Indian and Arabian spices but what makes them tasty for me is its spiciness. Oh yeah! It is crunchy and spicy.  This…

What’s your lunch for today?

I woke up feeling hungry. So, my friend and I went to Cusina in Batha and had beef brisket, Japanese rice, if that’s so, and spicy lomi. And there I was smiling happy and full enough. Bon appetito. Well, can you leave the resto without dessert? There you go with their halo-halo special.

Food Parade in Makkah

I love food and I love not to capture them. Pescado, Sbarro, Al Farooj, and other food you may want to eat. They are all there parading and here I am want to taste them all.

My Flowers in Treviso

As they say, roses are red. Violets are blue. Sugar is sweet. So, he is. Even far, he sends flowers for me.