Chef P’s Secret Weapon to His Love

Food. Cooked with love. This is a man’s secret weapon to his love. It is rare to meet a man who does his own cooking even after his tiring and demanding 12-hour-work everyday. This kind of man is what I called persistent in pursuing living a better life. A lucky woman indeed, whoever you are….


           The development of a country depends on the pride of its citizen. It is inevitable that Filipinos think imported. David and Okazaki conceptualized colonial mentality among Filipinos and Filipino Americans as a form of internalized oppression, characterized by a perception of ethnic or cultural inferiority. It involves an automatic and unreasonable rejection of anything…

Truth kills truth.

Truth kills truth. Oh devilish holy truth! What have you done on me! When all I want is truth.

I am not martyr.

I am not martyr. I respect you. I love you. I want to be with you. If you see me quiet, it does not mean I am martyr. I listen eagerly.  I think quietly. Martyrs are not born to be voiceless. They are born for truth. They think before they open their mouths. That’s why…

I Dream of my Own Restaurant.

I dream of my own restaurant just like the way I enjoy having my food on the restaurants I love to eat and have chitchat with friends and colleagues. Foods that are enticing through my senses are all-time-pasta, drooling pizza, mountainous calzone and savory piadine. There are food that makes me happy such as noodles…

Sagra C’amora in Italy

September is the month of Sagra C’amora in Zenson di Piave, Treviso, Italy. . In this celebration, food is the center of fun while there are the rest of activities such as dancing kizomba, bacchata and singing.

Cogneliano: Land of Prosecco Wine

This is the journey to the history of grapes and wine that leads to wine tasting and mind blockage. Mind your driving. As we simply, maneuver the wheels with care and away from the C for cops. Away and with care with the family car.

How much you pay to eat in a pizzeria/restaurant in Italy?

We paid for 40 euros good for two people and when I say good for two it is good for people who love to eat smilingly satisfying. When you eat in a regular pizzeria, you pay somewhere to 20 euros at maximum. In this featured restaurant semi resto where they serve pizza as well but…

Panini Piastra

One thing that I love in food is panini: bread, filled with variety of mayo, tuna, scambri, and acciughe. Some osterias have specialty like for example piastra panini in Mogliano, Veneto.

My Top 10 Favorite Pasta at All Times

Here are my top 10 tasty favorite pasta cooked with love. Simply irrissistible. Unstoppable sucking fork on your mouth as the sticky Parmiggiano Regiano has the tenacity to yearn with the silverware. Main Ingredients? pomodo con basilico (tomato with basil, peperoncino (chili), olio e oglio (oil and garlic) Optional: 4-8 pieces of acciughe (bits of…

Murano’s Breeze and Silence

This is Murano Island, one of the beauty of Venice. This place is known for glass making. When I was there, I thought that the place is a ghost house but then again people come here for dinner most of the times. For lunch time, Italians like to drink their spritzitto aperol for women and…

Calzone in Zenson Di Piave, Veneto, Italy

Calzone is one of my favorite food in Italy. This calzone has mozarella, melanzane, pomodoro, and bell pepper inside garnished on top is pomodoro and grana, parmiggiano regiano. I like this calzone because the bread is soft and easy to slice. Well, you can use your hand but it is too much to carry for…